Ms Mae:

Amberlyn is a polite and respectful student who is courteous in her interactions with others. A helpful individual, she is obliging in offering her assistance to those in need. A responsible person who carries out tasks effectively, she was appointed as the ViceChairperson of her class for two consecutive years, from 2017 to 2018.

With her caring disposition and positive attitude, Amberlyn has the potential to be well-received in her chosen field of study and work.


Ms Lim:

Amberlyn displays an ability to think and reason well. She is creative and is able to keep an open mind to new possibilities. She is hardworking and always hands in quality work on time. She is a polite and respectful student who is conscientious in her work.

Mr Tan:

Amberlyn is a good-natured and genial student. She has also proven to be a reliable Vice-Chairperson of the class who undertakes her duties responsibility. With regards to her studies, Amberlyn is clear of her strengths and weaknesses and has shown determination in the pursuit of her academic goals.